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FUR KREWE groomers focus on your pet’s individual needs in order to complete the grooming process at a comfortable pace. We have many pets who come to us because they have difficulty with the grooming process or the long confinement times that are normal in other grooming salons. We love being able to give all dogs the special care that they need to get through grooming comfortably, especially dogs who exhibit some fear or discomfort about grooming. Over time, as they gain more positive experiences in our salon, they become less anxious and easier to groom. 

PRICING: Our grooming prices are set by our groomers. Initial prices are estimates based on the size of your pet, coat type and condition, as well as cut style and detail. In general the following pricing applies for haircuts:

Small - STARTS at $75

Medium - STARTS at $90

Large - STARTS at $115

X-Large STARTS at $140



The finished grooming price may vary based on factors described below:

FLEAS & TICKS: If your dog arrives for a grooming appointment with fleas or ticks, we will automatically use appropriate removal techniques including special shampoo. There will be an additional fee for this service.

MATTED COAT: If your dog’s coat is excessively matted, it will require significantly more grooming time. We will do our best to save the length of your dog’s coat, but it may be necessary to shave the hair in order to release the mats and make your dog’s skin more comfortable. In all cases, more time is required and you will be charged an additional fee for this service.

AGGRESSIVE/FEARFUL BEHAVIOR: If your dog is extremely aggressive or fearful of grooming, we will do our very best to go slow and make the process less stressful for him or her. However, it will require more time, and there will be an extra fee. Occasionally, we may suggest that the grooming be broken up into multiple sessions or we may suggest modification your dog’s behavior through classical conditioning training methods. In very extreme cases, we may suggest that you consult with your veterinarian to discuss medication options, although this is only as a last resort.


SENIOR DOGS: Older dogs can be very fragile and grooming can be an exhausting process for them.  They often have difficulty seeing and hearing and are easily fatigued by the grooming process. In most cases this requires a longer groom time with frequent breaks.  If at any time we feel the grooming process is causing too much stress for your dog, we will stop what we are doing. The dog's overall health and stress level are taken into account during the entire groom process. 


SPECIAL HANDLING: Special handling fees may occasionally become necessary, as we are dealing with animals. Circumstances when FUR KREWE must charge additional fees could be with in-tact males, a puppy’s first grooming, aggressive behavior, females in heat, unexpected illness, conditions discovered during grooming that require a trip to the veterinarian, or other conditions that require additional labor. We will always notify our clients when Special Handling fees are required.​


Most regular grooms take anywhere from 2-4 hours to be completed. This includes the time being bathed, dried and the time it takes for the complete haircut. We do not groom most pets from start to finish, but while one is being bathed or dried, another will be getting a haircut.

If you would like your pet groomed from start to finish then you must request an express groom when scheduling your appointment. 

Due to scheduling requirements, express grooms cannot be requested at drop-off. Please note that Doodle breeds and Standard Poodles tend to take much longer to bathe, dry and brush out unless they are kept very short or come in on a regular maintenance schedule. It is not uncommon for these breeds to be here at least 4-6 hours depending on when they were last groomed and what style haircut is requested. 


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call.

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